Slab Greystone Laminate


This cabinet delivers on todays design trend focusing heavily on the depth & colors of real wood, but with a longer lifespan.

Available in 2 stocked colors, let us bring todays modern design into your home.

Overlay: Full Overlay

Panel: Slab

Species: Textured Laminate

Door: A full overlay low pressure laminate flat panel door with deep textured finish.


Back: ¼” back panel with ¾”x4” supporting braces top and bottom, constructed with wood dowels glued and clamped.

End Panels: ¾” thick, plywood sides constructed with wood dowels glued and clamped.

Hinges: Heavy duty steel concealed adjustable hinge, with soft-close mechanism.

Shelves: ¾” thick, full depth plywood; fully adjustable.

Toe Kick: 4” toe kick with 3” inset on all standard base and vanity cabinets.

Drawer: ¾” Double wall metal drawer with wood bottom. With soft-close safety feature.


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